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Borg Screensaver (46KB)

Defiant Screensaver (204KB)

Klingon Klock (130KB)

Romulan Warbird Screensaver (214KB)

Voyager Screensaver (20KB)

Warp Speed Calculator (11KB)

Enterprise D screensaver (89.2KB)


Enterprise: theme song (1.2 meg) - MP3

Enterprise: full version of song (3.8 meg) - MP3

Seven saying "Do you require assistance?" (27KB) - wav

Generic Star Trek sound (97.8KB) - wav

Borg sounds (90.9KB) - wav

Locutus saying "Resistance is futile" (22.5KB) - au

Kirk saying "Would you mind telling me what this is all about Mister?" (17.6KB) - wav

The Computer saying "Logs accessed" (15.4KB) - wav

Picard listing a bunch of numbers to lock the computer (151KB) - wav

Data saying how much he hates his drink (73KB) - wav

Data saying "Computer, identify please" (24KB) - au

Data saying "Open sesame" (64KB) - wav

Picard saying "The line must be drawn here" (50KB) - wav


Combadge Icon (3KB)

Star Trek Font (19.3KB)

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